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Lincraft and Spotlight Reward Programs Compared

Quilting and crafting can be an expensive little hobby. I know this because my wallet jumps out of my bag and tries to make a run for it every time I walk with 200m of a fabric store.

Customer reward programs are a dime a dozen, but can you really make them work for you? Some Reward Programs really do stack up and can save you heaps. Check out my comparison between two of Australia’s retail fabric giants, Lincraft and Spotlight.


Lincraft Member Rewards

Club Lincraft has real rewards and benefits for their members.

Signing up online or instore is easy and with an email address you can receive:

  • $10 Lincraft Voucher each year on your Birthday
  • Email notification of upcoming sales and sneak peeks of new products and offers

They also have a spend and reward point system. $1 = 1 point. Accumulate 250 points and you’ll receive a $10 Lincraft voucher.

But this is not just about fabric and craft supplies….

Need new bed sheets for the kids? Lincraft.

New towels for the bathroom? Lincraft.

Birthday present for one of the kids little friends? Lincraft.

House warming present for a mate? Cushion and a candle, Lincraft.

New textas and art books for school? Lincraft.

Halloween costume or Christmas decorations? Lincraft.

By simply changing where I would normally shop for these items, I am accumulating points. And once I’ve earned that voucher, you can bet I’m spending it on fabric during their next 50% off sale!


No Lincraft store close by? No worries!

Online shopping is easy with Lincraft. Free shipping within Australia for orders over $150, and a flat rate of $8.95. Keep in mind that they do charge additional shipping if you’re ordering bulky items such as window blinds or dressmaking models etc.


Spotlight VIP Members

You can sign up the be a Spotlight VIP Member online or in store. Becoming a VIP Member will enable you to receive:

  • VIP only discounts
  • Invites to special instore events and sales
  • 10% off on your birthday
  • Entry to email mailing list which contain exclusive offers
  • Access to exclusive competitions and offers

Being on Spotlight’s mailing list will also mean your never miss a catalogue. Spotlight catalogues often come with coupons for discounts, sometimes as much as 40% off full priced items. Myself I saved buckets when buying new venetian blinds for my house with these coupons, but I digress.

With regards to sewing and crafting supplies, Spotlight’s sales and discounts can be generous and quite frequent.

If you are after specific items, you will need to scour your emails and catalogues to see if your coveted items are discounted in that particular sale. And if so? Stock up!


If you’re not close by a Spotlight store, head online and enjoy a flat rate of $8.99 delivery within Australia. Similarly to Lincraft, expect to pay more for bulky items.


The Verdict…?

I am lucky enough to live close by to both a Lincraft store and a Spotlight store. I am a member of both programs of course, and I shop at the store that has the best deal for whatever I need at any given time.

However there is one retailer in particular that I frequent more, based on their rewards program. Pardon the pun, but for my money… It’s Lincraft all the way.

The idea that I get real TANGIBLE money in the form of vouchers is just too good to pass. I am sure the savings are comparable given Spotlight’s very generous and frequent sales, but I can’t go past the buzz I get when the sales lady in Lincraft tells me I have a $20 voucher available and would she like me to print it? Well yeah I’d like you to print it!



And as I mentioned above, I shop Lincraft for home decor when I need to and their kids section is great for picking up crafting kits for birthday parties and Christmas. This will increase you accumulated points which equals CASH VOUCHERS. And if you’re thrifty like I am, you’ll hoard those little babies till the next 40% or 50% Lincraft Sale!

Happy Shopping!

Kerri x


All opinions in this post are purely my own. Sadly, I do not receive any kick backs or perks from either Lincraft or Spotlight for this post. Although if either CEO is reading this, i’d be open to it! Kidding, I kid! In all seriousness, the intention of this post it to provide quality and correct information that may help others or entertain at the very least. Have a great day!
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Triangle Quilt – Matching Points


Triangles can be intimidating to new and experienced quilters alike. When the geometric trend exploded a few years ago, I had to acquaint myself with sewing triangles… FAST!

I felt like I was making several triangle quilts a week and it was this process of trial and error that I am now delivering to you as handy tips and tricks. Some may work for you and some may not, so this is my disclosure as follows!

Practice with scrap fabrics, always practice new techniques in scrap form before taking on a large quilt in your favourite fabrics. Try a few of my tips and tricks and see what works best for you and your machine.


Before you sew your triangles:

  • cut your fabric with a new rotary blade. As with any quilting, it’s the cutting that gets the accuracy ball rolling.
  • many sewing enthusiasts will encourage you to cut triangles on the bias. I don’t. I’m not scared of the quilt police and happy to let everyone know that I cut my triangles straight across the width of fabric.
  • Same goes for pre-washing your fabric. Sorry quilt police, but I don’t. I find that the stiffer the fabric, the less movement and stretch I get with my triangles. Which brings me to my next point;
  • Starch. Spray that starch all around the place like glitter!


Ready to Sew?

  • Line up your triangles right sides together and pin, pin, pin. Start with your needle down and sew your seam.
  • I press my seams OPEN with my triangle quilts. I believe this may be against popular opinion, but by opening the seam you can actually SEE where the point of the triangle is from the wrong side of fabric which makes joining the rows and matching the points so much easier.
  • Once you’ve done your triangle rows, place two rows together right side facing.
  • Looking at the wrong side where you have pressed your seam open. Can you see the spot where the tip of the triangle is? Put your pin right through that spot and then through the triangle tip of the row your joining to.
  • This pin will keep the points together AND also indicate precisely where your sewing line should be so as not to “sew off” the tip of your triangle.
  • When I sew the rows together I am not concerned with a perfect 1/4″ seam, I make sure I sew EXACTLY where that pin pierces the triangles tips…. Even sewing slowly and sewing over the pin. Please do this at your own discretion, sewing over pins can cause broken needles and timing issues with your machine. In saying that, I’ve broken approx. 3 needles for over 100 triangle quilts. Just lengthen your stitch a little and GO SLOW.
  • Press row seams to one side, I do not press these seams open.

And thats it! These tips are my own method that I have learnt from trial and error and are not for everyone. Like i said, practice practice practice and see what works best for you. I have sewing buddies that swear by glue pens and other methods. I have tried a few different methods and found the tips above to work best for me. Just don’t tell the quilt police 🙂

Kerri x

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If you’d like more information or just want to say hi, please do so below.

I’d love to hear from you!



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Quilted Pouch for First Aid

This pouch is a generous size and will allow you to keep all your medical bibs & bobs in one place. Although large enough to keep all your supplies together, it’s still compact enough to tuck in your handbag, pram or in your car glove box.

Anyone who knows me personally, knows that most things I make serve a purpose. I have to be able to use it, wear it or gift it.

Having  a 4yr old son who thinks he’s a ninja trapped in a dare-devils body, means this handy pouch will get USED!

The red cross motif symbolises medical supplies and will be easily recognised by anyone should you need them to fetch it for you.


My daughter was diagnosed with asthma when she was three, so I wanted to be able to carry both her ventolins and the spacer together we are out and about. In addition to these must-have items, anyone with kids knows how handy it would be to have a little stash of tissues, band-aids and hand sanitiser when you’re on the go!

This pouch is a generous size and will allow you to keep all your medical bibs & bobs in one place. Although large enough to keep all your supplies together, it’s still compact enough to tuck in your handbag, pram or in your car glove box.

After stitching and quilting the front, I chose a red zipper to co-ordinate with the overall look of the pouch. After sewing in the zipper, sew up your edges with the right side of your fabrics facing and remembering to leave the zipper partially open for turning.


Depending on the needs of your family and number of children, you may like to increase or decrease the size of your pouch. You may also like to include specific medical condition, food allergy information or doctors contact information depending on your circumstances.

A little pouch to keep all items specific to your family’s First Aid needs in one place!

What will be the most important item in yours?

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Handmade Vol.34 No.10
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Small Business and the Mumprenuer

It has been quite a while since I put my words on paper. Or my computer so it would seem.

I have had a temultuous 2015 which was filled with success and hiccups, love and loss, joys and frustrations. I know that my life is not so different from so many others, but Grandmother always told me that ‘you’re problems are your own’ and that ‘comparison does no-one any good’.

It was this insightful grandmother that first had me picking up a knitting needle and a cross stitch pattern. She sewed clothes for me (which i loathed!) and eventually she let me loose on her Singer. It’s this reflection and memory that has had me thinking this evening. Where do we all start and why do we do what we do?

With a marriage breakdown last year, two small children, financial stresses and a small business to run i thought i was at my limit. Laying wake at 3.47am wondering if I am kidding myself about being able to do “it” all and have “it” all. And while I’m trying to have “it” all, how the hell am i going to pay my rent?

I’ve thought about getting a “real” job and it would be less stressful knowing that money was coming in. But would I be able to pick my daughter up from school? And who would look after my toddler son?

I am good at what I do. I am proud of my products and would stand behind them till my legs gave out. My customers love my quilts. I enjoy the flexibility of working from home. I love to sew. The idea that there is 100’s of babies nestled sweetly under quilts that I have made with my bare hands and sewing machine fills me with tremendous pride.

That’s why I do what I do. And you should too.



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Building Rosalee

Rosalee’s Room has grown organically since its inception in August of 2013. I had little idea about what would happen and if anything would happen at all.

The products that I was making were clumsy in their construction, but I wasn’t worried… I knew the finesse would come with practice and time. I wasn’t worried if any one would make a purchase, I knew they would if I was selling the right product to suit their needs.

What concerned me most in those early stages was building a brand that I believed in. Promoting a quality that I was confident in. I some how knew that if I provided a quality products and service, then marketed those with confidence, the sales would come.

But at first they didn’t. I was the new kid on the block sewing baby products at my dining room table. I felt desperate and nervous. My confidence was diminishing despite the barrage of encouragement from those close to me.

After a few sales here and there, I knew the direction I needed to take was to focus on cot bedding, my quilts in particular. I stumbled upon hoards of trendy Mummas that could not purchase what they wanted for their nursery’s. And I knew I could make it for them.

That feeling you have when you know what you want but you just cant find it anywhere. When you find the perfect piece, but it doesn’t come in your colour scheme. When you find THE perfect spotted baby blanket in THE perfect colour, but you really had your heart set on stripes.

I can make that. Together we will take your ideas out of your brain and make them a reality. We can do that. Your baby will be your most perfect creation. Building Rosalee’s Room into a trusted brand through quality products is mine.

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Prepare Yourself 2015

Now that the dust has settled from another Christmas/New Year period, I am reflecting on the goals that I’ve set for myself for 2015.

Mostly my goals and resolutions consist of “not losing my shit so much” and “drinking less wine”… But I am taking a more mature approach this year and admitting that neither of these will happen. Which leads me to Resolution 1.

Be more realistic about what you are capable of. CHECK.

My personal situation took a major turn in October last year when my husband and I finally decided to let our long-suffering marriage die. The separation bought about feelings of happiness and relief, but also concern and fear. One extreme to the next right? Deliriously happy and excited about the future! Future? What future? You’re a washed up spinster with no money, and bad highlights. Which leads me to Resolution 2.

Feelings are feelings. Just let them be. You’re not crazy. These up and down days are completely normal and will level out with time. You’re not crazy…. Now stop talking to yourself. CHECK.

I am a Mum of two awesome kids who adore me. And I adore them. So that makes me awesome on some level doesn’t it? The kids didn’t get so awesome just by chance surely…? Which leads me to Resolution 3.

You are awesome. At any given time you are doing your freaking best. You’re not perfect but you are having a decent go. Embrace your inner awesome sauce. CHECK.

So in summary, 2015 for me will consist of being realistic, trying not to control or overanalyze my feelings and letting more of my awesome show. I am sure that achieving these goals will consist of losing my shit at least once or twice, and three bottles of Shiraz each week…. Ok four bottles.

Damn you Resolution 1. Be realistic. CHECK.

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I am (will be) a Published Author

I received an email recently from an editor asking me if I would like to contribute to her magazine. The magazine requires a written “how-to” and of course the finished product to be sent in for photographing. Say what…? I’m so fancy. Well so I thought.

I quickly became caught up in all the day dreams associated with being a published author, like having lunch in NYC with Carrie Bradshaw and signing books at some huge Amazon type book store. Not to mention the huge cash advances and my book being turned into some cult teen movie that would entice even the most devoted Twilight/Hunger Games/Harry Potter fans.

Safe to say the bubble burst rather quickly when I familiarised myself with what is actually involved.
Holy. Shit. Forget about the screen plays and casting of actors for my tele movie… I am completely overwhelmed by the prospect of putting what I do into words. I don’t know how to SAY how I SEW. I just sew.

It’s like asking an Italian Nonna what goes into her spaghetti sauce. She’ll say “a little pinch of this and a splash of that” and be damned if yours ever comes out the same as she makes it.

And while I’ve come to terms with writing this little article (yes, I have accepted the fact that it is a magazine article and not a Nobel Prize winning novel) I know that there is one item on the “to-do” that I can’t share… It’s my passion for making things just so. And feeling like I’m making it for one of my own kids.

So you can follow my instructions, read all the points and tips; but you must inject your own little pinch of love if you are to be ever truly happy with your creation.


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Rosalee’s Room is no longer my Illegitimate Third Child

Today I woke up early before the kids, with the help of my alarm of course.

I showered and washed my hair, I even shaved my legs. I bypassed my normal “mum uniform” of jeans and a tee, instead opting for a skirt and blouse.
I blow dried my locks and slicked on a little makeup all in time for the kids to wake to their weetbix already prepared on the kitchen table.

After dropping my eldest at Kinder, and the youngest to a friend, I ventured out of my suburb for the first in months.
Because today, I am heading into the semi-corporate world. I’m meeting with a business advisor to talk about taking Rosalee’s Room to the next level. What level? Im not entirely sure, but recent changes in my personal life (my husband and I have decided to separate) mean that I have to figure it out, and quick.

Fast forward to 9.30am, and I’m sweating, literally dripping with nerves. All the while a little devil sits on my shoulder tells me “What the hell do you think you’re doing? It’s been YEARS since you’ve been in an office…. You just SEW STUFF… You can’t do this”

Thankfully, upon being met by a professional lady (who is also a Mum) I verbally vomitted all my concerns, my fears, my hopes and my vision for Rosalee’s Room and she said “Let’s DO THIS”.

So we did.

And now I have a registered Australian Business. And Rosalee’s Room is a registered trading name. And I’m technically a business owner. And I’ve also got some fancy reporting and account software thing for my Mac.

I am pumped for the future and I feel excited that my success will rely completely on my shoulders. My drive. My ambition. My work ethic. I may not be able to work my fancy new software, but I know I’ve got all those others bits covered, and then some.


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From Binding to Blogging

Oh man, my first blog post…. Does this mean I’m now some one that sews and blogs, or am I a blogger that sews?

I actually feel quite strange writing this, intending to send out my ramblings into the cyber world and hoping that somebody (ANYBODY) reads it…. And likes it….? Sounds kind of desperate to me.

Please like me.

I’m going to introduce myself now, and quietly hope that you’ve continued reading this far. My name is Kerri. I am the owner and operator of my little business called Rosalee’s Room. If you want to know who Rosalee is, you need to check my About Page. She is a really interesting person that you’re totally going to want to know.

I am a Mum that loves interiors, making stuff, Instagram and food. I love my iPhone a little too much also. It’s like a pacemaker. If I don’t have it, my heart stops beating. Speaking of my heart, I have two that live outside my body. A little 4 year old girl named Ava, and a littler 2 year old boy named Alby. In between being their Mum and running Rosalee’s Room, I intend to update this blog regularly. With what, I’m not sure just yet. But stick with me; I’m aiming to make it entertaining, helpful and honest.

If you’d like to see a little more of what goes on in Rosalee’s Room, please check out my social media on Facebook or Instagram. I don’t have Twitter because I don’t understand how it works.